Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Building the walls up to floor level, one row of blocks for most of the house with two rows on the lower part of the site. The floor will sit directly on the blocks.

Concrete poured and level, now we start on the walls.
Reinforcing in place rwady for the concrete
The reiforcing cages arrive for the footings. In France all footing are reinforced because of the large tempreature changes and the drying out of the ground during the summer.
Using the laser level makes life easy and ensures the trenches are level and the correct depth.
The house and pool kit, just add water (well concrete actually and some rebar)
The 40 foot shipping container arrives from Canada with the Insulated Concrete Formwork blocks, the moden "Lego"  we will build the house with. Great insulation very eco. The house should be very easy to keep cool and heat.

28th April 2011

Day 5, the site starts to take shape
We level some of the site to make digging the footings easier and create the area for the deck and the pool
The digger arrives, the real work begins
The lines show the width of the footing trench

24th April 2011

The site is set out ready to start the footings